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Beautiful Evidence June 21, 2006

Posted by dfhuynh in research.

I got my copy of Tufte’s Beautiful Evidence a few days ago. The book itself is a beauty for every single page.

And I myself have some beautiful evidence to present, or rather, an API for people to present temporal evidence:

They work on Firefox, IE6+, Safari, and Mozilla (although Mozilla is a little sluggish). It’s still pre-alpha, so stay tuned for when you can make your own timelines, mash them up, sync them with Google Maps,…



1. tin44 - August 26, 2006

I have not read the book nor heard about it. But hearing that it is a beautiful book, I might purchase one anytime soon. By the way thanks for having a few list of your favorite books.

2. blu52 - August 31, 2006

I tried them on firfox but it was a little bit slow. I got impatient that I just gave it a rest. Maybe next time though. Will never stop trying.

3. Matt Edminster - February 25, 2007

Re the timelines presented on the simile/timeline websites, I would like to get access to the Christian History timeline you put together so that I don’t have to start entirely from scratch on a similar project. I’d like to make modifications that include other bands for “empires”, “world events” or the like. Any chance I could get the file you ported from Wikipedia?

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